Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tears at seven

Ok, it was more like 7:35, but any way to work Eric Clapton into the blog is good enough for me.

Tearful mother Rhonda Barrera said she always takes her children, DJ and Feliza, to school on the first day. The children normally ride the bus, but on the first day she goes in to work late so she can drop them off ... and usually cries.

"It's a first day tradition," she said. "Momma brings them to school."

This year was easier than last year, she said. DJ is in the first grade at Oxford Elementary and Feliza is in the sixth. Even with the experience of doing it for several years, it's never easy.

"I'll miss the time I get to spend with them in the summer,"
she said.

I guess not all parents are singing about how excited they are to deliver their kids.


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