Friday, August 17, 2007

Anniston BOE votes down another assistant principal

Superintendent Sammy Lee Felton, left, recommended an assistant principal candidate other than Charles Gregory to the Anniston School Board on Thursday night. The board again rejected Felton’s choice, but no board member renewed last month’s call for his removal. Photo: Kevin Qualls/The Anniston Star

For the third time this summer, the Anniston Board of Education voted down a candidate Thursday night to be assistant principal at Anniston High School.

However, unlike a meeting last month, the impasse did not result in a call to remove Sammy Lee Felton as superintendent.

Felton in May included non-renewal of assistant principal Charles Gregory’s contract in a list of dozens of other personnel recommendations. The board approved the list en masse, but three board members later said they did not notice Gregory’s name on the list. To reverse the action they did not intend, they have asked Felton to recommend rehiring Gregory. However, Felton has not complied with the request.

Thursday night, Felton recommended someone other than Gregory for the post for the third time in as many months.

Board members Bill Robison, Bob Etnire and Nathaniel Davis voted to reject Felton’s candidate. Jim Klinefelter abstained. Board President Vivian Thompson was not at the meeting.

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