Thursday, August 23, 2007

Byrne revises 2-year system policy proposal

By Desiree Hunter


MONTGOMERY — Two-year college chancellor Bradley Byrne revised a policy proposal Wednesday that would have required 13 legislators employed by the system to get his permission before leaving their posts to perform legislative duties.

The previous policy proposal said the legislators could only use unpaid leave while doing legislative work outside the system and such leave could only be granted by Byrne, who was doubtful about approving it.

Under the revised proposal, lawmakers who work in the post-secondary system would have the option of using annual leave — which is earned vacation time — in such a way that they could attend to legislative work and keep both jobs until their terms end in 2010.

A second policy proposed by Byrne would end so-called “double dipping” after 2010 by prohibiting system employees from also holding elected office.

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