Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Nurse Beth"

The Cleburne County School System has a new head nurse -- Beth Jackson.

Jackson's main office is at the Cleburne County Elementary School in Heflin.

She is replacing Pat McElroy, who served as the system's head nurse for 14 years and was recently awarded the 2007 Alabama School Nurse of the Year Award by the Alabama School Nurse Association.

Early Thursday morning, Jackson was in her office helping parents sort out medicines and other medical needs.

No major accident had happen in the first few minutes of the new school year. But, Jackson was ready if there had been.

For the past nearly 14 years Jackson has served as an RN in hospitals.

Her love for children helped her take the job. She also has children attending Cleburne County schools.

Jackson is in charge of five nurses throughout the county. Their job, she said, is to make sure children are safe, she said.

"I'm here to ensure they are healthy," she said. "And, to make sure medical needs are met."

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