Thursday, August 16, 2007

Enrollment explosion: Christian school sees significant growth in second year

Christian Capstone Academy teacher Jennifer Parris reads a book to some of her K 2 and 3 class. Christian Capstone started its school year this week with 66 students after beginning last year with just five. Photo: Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star

PIEDMONT — The focus at the Capstone Christian Academy is molding students’ bodies, souls and spirits, according to Shelia Jennings, administrator and principal at the school, which just opened its second year.

Compared to last year, when only five students were registered the first week of school, a lot more molding should take place this year.

Molding to the count of some 66 children — and growing.

“There’s really no limit. I had originally said 150,” Jennings said, explaining that the grades range from day care to fourth grade.

She notes there is plenty of room for expansion with 7,000 square-feet of building space tucked away on Industrial Park.

There are also plans to renovate a 5,000-square-foot addition that would become a large cafeteria and auditorium.

The nonprofit school charges between $70 and $175 per month.

Ultimately, Jennings said, the success of the school will depend on parents recognizing the quality of care offered students.

“We’re a service to these parents,” she said.

“I have never really thought about it not being successful when you have such high standards and high quality.”


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