Thursday, August 9, 2007

"A breath of fresh air"

Darrelyne Jackson, a senior government and economics teacher at Anniston High School, is happy to finally see some signs of life at the school.

After a week or so of just teachers and administrators filling the halls, the 600 students returning for a new year "are a breath of fresh air," she said.

"I'm more awake than I thought I would be," said Jackson, a second-year teacher coming off her first professional summer break. "But seeing them, it rejuvenates me. I have an awesome job, teaching all seniors. I'll spend this year helping them make that transition into adulthood."

The upperclassmen generally know what to do, she said. While they're getting settled this morning, the freshmen will gather in the auditorium for a quick orientation with Principal George Jordan. Then, once the halls are less congested, teachers will direct them through their new campus to their homeroom.

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