Thursday, August 9, 2007

Freshman jitters in Heflin

The halls at Cleburne County High School in Heflin were jammed pack moments before the 7:35 a.m. bell today. Lockers slammed, purses flung over shoulders and schedules were discussed.
Freshman Megan Reed, 14, and her friends congregated in the hallway just before heading off to class. They talked about their summer and the first day of school.
"I'm nervous, but just this year," she said. "It's gonna be the hardest year."
LeeAnn Smith, 15, agreed. But, she said she thinks high school will be different than middle school.
"Less drama," she said. "No fighting or fussing"
In the school's main lobby was a line of juniors and seniors patiently waiting for the parking decal to put on their cars. As they waited they shared their schedules and what they did over the summer.
The final bell rang. Teachers closed their classroom doors. The side entrance doors to the school were locked.
The first day of class officially had begun.

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