Thursday, August 9, 2007

Miss Mobley's kindergarten class

After waiting patiently in the Cleburne County Elementary School cafeteria, children and their parents eagerly headed to their designated classrooms.

Kim Mobley's kindergarten class filled up quickly with giggles, chatter and artists.
At each table were crayons and pages to color.

A group of boys filled one table. Most of them knew each other from another place.
"I went to Bible school with him," five-year-old Drew Cavendar said pointing to the boy next to him. "We're good friends."

The topic of discussion varied as each one talked. Drew was concerned with his orange polo shirt.

"I hope I don't stain my shirt because it's a brand new one," he said holding a green crayon.
Drew was also concerned he didn't have a name tag. He thought he should have one.

"They really ought to give that at the front door," he said. "We might forget our names."

The kindergarten students continued to file in, each one with a backpack and lunch money. Logan Brower, 5, walked in with his mother Mica Brower. He didn't want to let go. His mother assured him things would be fine and kissed him on his forehead.

While some kids cried, others enjoyed making new friends.

"I love to hear laughter on the first day," teacher Kim Mobley said.

The schedule for the day was to "get adjusted to school" and learn the classroom rules, Mobley said.

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