Thursday, August 23, 2007

College policies may pass today


MONTGOMERY — When the State School Board meets today it will likely set down a precedent in the state that could give the governor the ammunition he needs to put an end to dual-employment of state legislators in state agencies.

The board is expected to adopt policies that force legislators to choose between their jobs with the two-year college system, or serving in the Legislature.

Gov. Bob Riley is confident that he has the votes he needs to get the policies passed, which will soon allow him to set his sights elsewhere.

In the weeks leading up to today’s vote, Riley has stumped hard for the policies, and vowed that if he can get them adopted, he wants similar polices adopted by all state agencies, including four-year colleges and universities.

Jeff Emerson, communication director for the Governor’s Office, said Riley has already begun to talk informally with the trustees of state universities about double-dipping, though many of the state’s four-year institutions already have some sort of policy in place.

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