Monday, October 1, 2007

Teachers trying to get parents involved: October is Alabama’s parent visitation month


By the time students get to Crystal Sparks’ class at Oxford High School, some parents don’t get involved like they used to.

Older kids get embarrassed to be seen with them, and the parents have been through the routine before.

This month, Sparks and other teachers across the state will try to change that as they host a spate of parent-involvement events.

Communication with parents “is just a big motivator, and we want to advocate that more and enhance it,” Sparks said. “We want to make sure everyone has a role.”

Schools will make parents welcome at conferences, festivals and sporting events as part of the Alabama Department of Education’s parent visitation month.

Oxford Superintendent Jeff Goodwin said that with school having been in session since mid-August, most schools already have hosted an open house or visitation day. But those will continue in October.

“Our best partner in a child’s education is the parent,” Goodwin said. “If we can connect with parents, we have a far greater chance of maximizing that child’s success.”

To see the full story and a list of area parent events, go here.

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