Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chamber committee tours classroom

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce education committee met at Jacksonville High School this morning to get a closer look at the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative.

Today's meeting drew its largest crowd in several months. The group split into two groups--one visited an eighth grade science class examining how motors work, and the other sat in on a senior math class where students tried to develop and solve equations to figure out how a diver could jump off a Ferris wheel in motion and land in a moving tub of water.

Bobby Burns, deputy superintendent for Calhoun County schools, has often been known to hold court during executive sessions at board meetings to keep those of us in attendance entertained. He was up to his tricks again, hovering over a group of kids in the corner working on the equations. They were trying to solve for the variable t, a measurement of time. Burns told the teacher he already had the answer figured out. He knew what "t" was: what you order to drink with dinner.

Thanks Bobby.

The committee meets the first Wednesday morning of every month. In November they'll gather at JSU's Child Development Center at McClellan. Contact Lynda Aker at the Chamber for more info: 237-3536.

Wednesday was also career dress day at Jacksonville High. Attire ranged from Sonic uniforms and rock star getups to business suits and surgeon scrubs. Principal Mike Newell said the school had some interesting wardrobe choices on Tuesday as well. As part of homecoming week, the school had a powder-puff football game, where cheerleaders played on the gridiron and football players dressed as cheerleaders on the sidelines.

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