Monday, October 8, 2007

Jax schools hope to see $33,000 a year in energy savings

Phillip Noah, maintenance supervisor for Jacksonville City Schools, checks a florescent bulb at the high school. Photo: Stephen Gross/The Anniston Star

Students and teachers in Jacksonville should be seeing a little more clearly now, while saving the school board some money.

An energy consulting firm has finished replacing about 3,700 lights at the city’s elementary and high schools.

Superintendent Eric Mackey said about 40 classrooms at Kitty Stone Elementary had lights so inefficient that the federal government won’t allow the sale of replacement parts after 2010.

Lights in the high school gym also needed a change.

“We knew we were eventually going to have to change all those lights,” he said.

Instead of paying outright for the project, Jacksonville brought in energy consulting firm TAC, based in Dallas.

TAC designed replacements and guaranteed that at least $33,000 a year in energy savings would pay for the cost.

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