Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Class pumpkin returns to patch with note attached

Cherie Prickett gathers around the returned pumpkin with her Alexandria Elementary School kindergarten class. Photo: Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star

ALEXANDRIA — The case of the purloined pumpkin came to a happy ending Monday morning.

Cherie Prickett's kindergarten class had watched the orange gourd grow all school year. But when the students went to check on it last week, they were instead treated to a trick.

The pumpkin had vanished from the vine. Someone had absconded with it.


The whole school produced posters, seeking a safe return for the seasonal squash.

Monday morning the pumpkin was back, reattached to the vine with black electrical tape, complete with an unsigned apology:

"I am so sorry. I hope that you can still have a happy Halloween."

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