Thursday, October 25, 2007

Schools look to offer incentives to students

Wachovia Bank partnered with Saks schools to award students with good grades and perfect attendance a T-shirt. Photo: Kevin Qualls/The Anniston Star

About 1,000 students in Saks got a new addition to their wardrobe over the past week.

Saks Elementary, Middle and High schools teamed with Wachovia Bank to give T-shirts to students with good grades and perfect attendance.

Calhoun County Board of Education member Phil Murphy said Wachovia signed up for the pilot incentive program for the first quarter. He said the school system hopes to expand beyond Saks in the future.

Murphy said more than 700 students in the three schools earned all As and Bs, and another 200 or so earned perfect attendance.

A similar project is in the works for the Anniston City Schools. Board member Bob Etnire has said he would like to partner with local businesses that would sponsor an attendance incentive program.

“In the private sector, we work on incentives and we award people,” he said earlier this year describing his plans.

“I think it can work in the schools.”

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