Monday, October 22, 2007

Calhoun County fourth-graders visit Janney Furnace in Ohatchee

White Plains fourth-graders listen to a lesson Friday about Civil War artifacts. Photo: Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star

OHATCHEE — An army flooded Janney Furnace and the Confederate memorial there Friday morning.

Luckily for Ohatchee residents, the 1,100 elementary schoolers were more interested in the Civil War displays and hot dogs than conquest.

Fourth-grade classes from across Calhoun County visited Janney Furnace, where Calhoun County Commissioner Eli Henderson and other volunteers displayed Civil War artifacts, played period music and dressed in antebellum clothes.

“Is this sun glasses?” asked one student, pointing to an antique nail on a display table that was bent like the arm of a pair of glasses. The nail’s owner, Jack Morris of Ohatchee, explained and then told him about the cannon balls and MiniĆ© balls, a type of cone-shaped bullet. Morris displayed a table full of rifle balls and cannon shells.

“I didn’t bring anything that would explode,” he said.

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See a slideshow from the field trip here.

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