Friday, September 28, 2007

Some light moments

Last night's meeting of the Calhoun County Board of Education provided a few moments of levity for all those in attendance.

John Griffin, a math teacher at Wellborn High School, presented the board with a presentation on his most recent trip to Japan. Griffin traveled to the country in 2004 as part of a program from Toyota, which sends U.S. teachers abroad for a cultural and professional exchange. Griffin told the board last night that, after Japanese students shared some native song and dance, the American delegation did the same. They performed the Hokey Pokey. And, just as in any Japanese building, he had to remove his shoes before he went in. "They had some lovely size 5 slippers that almost fit over two of my toes," he said. Griffin also reported that he thinks American facilities, technology and interactions with students are preferable to Japanese schools.

After the entertaining presentation, board Chairman Tom Young told Griffin, "If you had been my math teacher, maybe I would have got it."

Also last night, board member Mike Almaroad asked Bob White, the schools retiring chief financial officer, about the bond issue approved by the Legislature this year. White said the money would probably arrive in February or March. Almaroad asked Superintendent Judy Stiefel whether it would come in two waves or all at once, and as soon as Stiefel responded she heard it would be one lump sum, the lights in the meeting room flickered.

"Was that the governor talking?" Almaroad joked.
"Somebody higher, I think," central office assistant Kenneth New.

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