Friday, October 5, 2007

ACEF announces grant awards

The Anniston Community Education Foundation will award $135,000 to six agencies in West Anniston and Hobson City for 2007-08. They are:

Anniston Housing Authority, $35,000, for the Parent and Child Teacher Project to encourage parents in public housing to be more engaged in their children's education.

Community Enabler Developer, $35,000, for the Sable Community Center, a save haven for youth to get involved with life skill activities.

Independent Reading/Counseling Service Inc., $35,000, to continue to provide in-school and after-school opportunities for children identified as at-risk by Anniston City Schools.

Boy Scouts of America, $10,000, to pay membership fees into the club for boys from West Anniston.

Family Links, $10,000, for its HIPPY program to encourage parents to read to their kids and become their first teacher.

City of Anniston Parks and Recreation Department, $10,000, for the Good Choices program, which offers mentoring, tutoring technology training and field trips for Anniston children.

ACEF awards grants every year. The nonprofit was founded as a result of the Partial Consent Decree between the EPA, Solutia and Pharmacia.

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