Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Report says JSU needs more student housing


JACKSONVILLE — If Jacksonville State University can enroll nearly 1,000 more students, it will need space for them to live.

That was the report heard by the university's Board of Trustees on Monday.

This fall's enrollment stands at 9,077, but officials hope to increase it to 10,000.

For those students, JSU currently has 1,609 on-campus beds available, and those are 96 percent full.

That's enough to hold about 18 percent of the student body, compared to a state average of 30 percent capacity.

JSU President Bill Meehan told the board offering more on-campus housing is one of the university's top priorities.

"A strong student life attracts many of our quality traditional students," he said.

The board received a study Monday showing that students generally prefer suite-style housing. A survey found most prefer a two-bedroom suite with private bathrooms, though four-bedroom units with shared baths are also acceptable.

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