Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weaver Elementary and other things

I missed the good sausage biscuit breakfast at Oxford High School this morning. Being new to the beat, I couldn't find my way into the cafeteria. By the time I got there the students were being locked down for Graduation Exam testing.

Shot on over to Weaver Elementary and chatted with the parents there about a special "Muffins for Moms" breakfast. I had forgotten, being a grownup with no children, how good it feels when your parents come and see you at school. The parking lot was jam-packed, by the way. I think I parked near a ditch somewhere.

They're doing the "Donuts for Dads" thing tomorrow---mmmmm, donuts.

I am working on a couple of stories for the weekend and Monday- Teacher Absenteeism- how big a problem is it in Calhoun County and how does it affect student preformance? A recent study suggests a definite negative impact- and points out some of the remedies that are being considered by our local school boards.

Tommorrow, I'm going to hang out at Saks Elementary to watch and film a dance troupe. Should be neat.

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