Monday, March 31, 2008

Programming note

I will be out of the office starting April 2 because I am getting married on Saturday. There probably will be few or no education blog updates until April 16- but remember, we try to provide information about area schools and educational organizations in one handy index. So I hope you'll take advantage of it if you need it- its on the left-hand side of the blog under the links section.

Hope everyone took note of the the story that ran in today's paper about the state tests.

These are important, ya'll. Like a permanent record, how we'll the kids do on the test sticks with them and the schools.

Principals and assistant principals said parents need to make sure their children:

• Get plenty of sleep (eight to 10 hours, preferably.)

• Eat breakfast.

• Get to school on time.

Just a friendly reminder, though I'm sure most of you knew that. I'm working on a Sunday story about the Anniston Schools and a piece about security at JSU for when I leave.

Take care. See you in a couple of weeks.

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