Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OMA meeting and JSU field trip

Every day is a field trip on my job- my first big meeting was with Calhoun County School's Superintendent Judy Stiefel, Board Chairman Tom Young, and their attorney on the open meetings act. I felt some extra clarity was needed because the board has held closed-door meetings, known as executive sessions, for the last two meetings, I think.

There is nothing improper about what the board's been doing, as best I can tell. I just wanted more clarity on the reasons behind these meetings so I will be able to better explain them to my readers. We also talked about a story I'm working on regarding teacher absences and chatted about the roof at Saks High School. (NO, they still don't know what it costs yet. I'll keep you posted.)

Next, I went to JSU's business college where I talked with women students and faculty about the role they play there. The story should run Thursday.

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