Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jacksonville and Anniston discuss delayed report cards

As some of you in education circles are aware, the state department allowed the area Superintendents to sign off on every piece of data contained in the massive annual data compilation known as school report cards. Some schools, including Annistion and Jacksonville, were held up- and J-Ville has gotten the state to take their's down because of faulty data. (It was still removed this morning.)

But we have the data and published some of it in today's paper- here's the story.

Anniston, Jacksonville discuss report cards

THE STAR- School report card information for 2006-07 is out for two Calhoun County systems that had delayed release of the cards over one issue: highly qualified teachers.

Both systems disputed the information the state showed them before it printed the cards. The state allowed superintendents in each system to sign off on the cards before they were made public.

Anniston City Schools saw a dramatic gain in the number of highly qualified teachers at its high school and a substantial gain at the middle school.

Jacksonville City Schools Superintendent Eric Mackey says the state Education Department reported inaccurate information on highly qualified teachers at Jacksonville High. In response, the department removed Jacksonville's report card from its Web site.

Both systems initially would not sign off on release of the report cards because they disputed the state's count of the number of "highly qualified" teachers in their schools.

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