Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two stories dealing with the Felton fallout

Felton sues Anniston Board of Education

THE STAR-Former Anniston schools superintendent Sammy Lee Felton is suing the city's school board for firing him, The Star learned Monday.

According to court documents filed Thursday, Felton alleges he has not been paid one years' salary and benefits to which he says his contract entitles him as severance pay. Felton asks the court to make the school board pay him $250,000, plus additional money for interest, cost and attorneys fees.

The lawsuit says the Anniston City Board of Education gave Felton no reason for putting him on administrative leave last year. Felton's firing came after he and the board could not resolve a dispute over whether to rehire an assistant principal at Anniston High School.

You can read the rest of that story and see a copy of Felton's contract here.

Here's one looking at Felton's recent history with the school board.

Anniston BOE extended Felton's contract after teachers' complaints

THE STAR-In 2005, the Anniston school board unanimously voted to extend Superintendent Sammy Lee Felton's contract.

In 2007, the board fired him.

Last week, interim Superintendent Joan Frazier released a report showing multiple violations of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) standards at Anniston High School. The report says many of the violations were the result of Felton's management style, including a habit of not seeking input from school-level administrators, teachers, parents and the community.

SACS was not the first group to raise such concerns about the superintendent.

Read more of the story and read the SACS report here.

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