Thursday, September 20, 2007

Joan Frazier guides Anniston City Schools in interim period

Joan Frazier talks to students on Wednesday at Anniston High School during a class change. The Anniston Board of Education appointed Frazier in August as interim superintendent. Photo: Stephen Gross/The Anniston Star

Joan Frazier doesn’t talk like a caretaker superintendent.

She peers over the top of the multicolor-rimmed glasses resting low on her nose at stacks of paper varying in neatness and height. She describes her plans in dynamic terms, eschewing the vocabulary of a placeholder, of someone keeping a seat warm.

Frazier has had an “interim” in front of her new title since the Anniston Board of Education appointed her last month. That tag will stay there until at least February, once Sammy Lee Felton comes off paid administrative leave and the board completes his contract buyout.

What happens then is still unsettled, as the board hasn’t discussed plans to search for a permanent superintendent. In the meantime, Frazier has moved down the hall into Felton’s old office.

“My style of leadership is to talk to administrators and principals, so there can be a kind of collegial contribution,” she said.

“I realize I’m the one out on the limb, but we don’t always have a lot of input in education. You have to make your plan and get some things prioritized to make sure the system keeps moving in the right direction.”

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