Friday, September 21, 2007

Anniston school board rehires Gregory


Anniston High School’s former assistant principal, Charles Gregory, is back on the job this morning after the Anniston Board of Education approved rehiring him during its meeting Thursday night.

The board approved a list of personnel actions in May that included non-renewal of Gregory’s contract among of dozens of other items. Three board members later objected to the termination and said they had not known it was on the list.

They battled through the summer with former Superintendent Sammy Lee Felton, who three times recommended someone else for the position instead of bringing Gregory’s name back to the board for consideration. Last month, the board voted to remove Felton as superintendent, buying out his contract.

Nathaniel Davis, Bob Etnire and Bill Robison, the three board members who had asked for a chance to fix the error, voted Thursday to rehire Gregory.

Vivian Thompson voted against the move. Jim Klinefelter abstained.

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