Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Officials try to make enrolling in school easier


OXFORD — Homeless, migrant or non-English-speaking parents may soon have an easier time when it comes to enrolling their children in Oxford schools.

Debbie Nothdurft, human resources director for the school system, said Oxford already had a policy on the books, but she and others researched ways to simplify it.

Federal laws require all U.S. schools to accept those groups of children even if they can't immediately produce the documents required of other students.

Nothdurft said schools who accepted students displaced by Hurricane Katrina found out why such children need special rules.

"Those are exceptional cases," she said. "Of course they didn't have their shots record. If people had to wait on that, they would have been out of school for months."

The policy states children cannot be denied access due to lack of a birth certificate, school and health records, transportation or custody requirements.

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