Friday, September 28, 2007

Schools’ enrollment counts due next week

Susan Hinton, a fifth-grade teacher at 10th Street Elementary School, talks to her students Thursday. Schools will have to have their enrollment counts in to the State Department of Education by Tuesday. Photo: Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star

By Tuesday, schools need to make sure they have no child left uncounted.

That’s the state’s cutoff day for enrollment counts.

Alabama Department of Education officials use average enrollment figures for the 20 days after Labor Day to determine how many teachers, librarians, principals, nurses and other staff — and how much money — each of the state’s schools will get next school year.

Anniston Interim Superintendent Joan Frazier planned to meet this week with County Commission officials to clarify school system boundaries.

“The lines don’t always necessarily go with the city limits,” she said. “They kind of skew around. It gets difficult in some parts of town.”

Frazier said attendance has been a focus for Anniston since the school year began in mid-August.

“It’s important, because everybody wants to be paid for the students who are supposed to be in their system. We’ve sent parent specialists to homes to make sure everybody’s coming to school.”

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