Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Local schools make use of innovative Smart Boards


The new equipment protruding from the wall in Donna Plunkett’s classroom at The Donoho School looks a little intimidating.

But Plunkett knows it offers new, engaging ways for her elementary science students to learn.

Plunkett’s room on Monday became the second at the school to be equipped with a Smart Board, a high-tech combination white board, projector and computer monitor.

“The children today aren’t afraid of any of this new technology,” Plunkett said.

“I knew it would mean turning my room upside down for a day, but it’ll be exciting once I get going with it and see all the fun things we can do.”

The board allows teachers to write with a stylus or with their finger. The notes can download to a computer to be printed or e-mailed later.

Teachers also can navigate Web pages using the touch screen, or play DVDs for their classes.

Plunkett said she’ll be able to project dissection projects so each student can see the proper method.

“Our math and science teachers have made a compelling case for how they can use them,” said Ben Cunningham, technology director at Donoho.

“Really, you’re only limited by your imagination.”

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