Thursday, November 1, 2007

Felton finalist for Russell County post


Anniston’s former superintendent is a finalist for the top job with Russell County schools.

Education consultant Harold Patterson recommended Sammy Lee Felton as one of five finalists for the vacant superintendent post at a Russell County Board of Education meeting this week.

Patterson told the school board he was familiar with Felton. Patterson led Anniston’s superintendent search when it hired Felton in 2002, and he recommended Felton for the schools-chief post in Midfield in June.

The Anniston school board signed Felton to a four-year contract in 2005 but voted 3-2 to buy him out in August.

Felton clashed with some board members this summer over who should be the assistant principal at Anniston High School.

He remains on paid administrative leave with Anniston through February, when he will receive a year’s salary and a benefits buyout package.

The buyout will total about $167,000 plus benefits.

“He’s got a lot of experience, and he’s been successful, except he got into a brouhaha with a board over employment,” Patterson said. “You take a stand, and sometimes it gets you.”

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