Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trantham finalist for teacher of the year


A third-grade teacher at Alexandria Elementary School has been named one of the top four educators in the state, and more awards could be on the way.

The teacher, Amber Trantham, is among the Alabama State Board of Education's "final four" in the teacher of the year running.

The field of 147 nominated teachers was narrowed to 16 in March, with the final four announced Monday.

Trantham and the other finalists will go through a last round of interviews before the winner and alternate are announced on May 7 in Montgomery.

Oxford High School math teacher Deedee Adams also made the state's top 16 list.

Trantham on Monday said that the announcement was a huge honor, considering the quality teachers all over the state. She said the judges seemed to be most interested in her work with students before and after school, and she thinks that is what has pushed her to the top.

"All teachers do the things in the classroom," she said. "We're all completely committed from eight to three."

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