Monday, April 21, 2008

Get real paid

I offer this because I couldn't find a place for it in tomorrow's story. Former Anniston Superintendent Sammy Lee Felton, through his attorney, sent the following letter to the Anniston Board of Education regarding how they would pay him the remainder of his contract, which is up next year. It includes an interesting turn of phrase, which I've placed in italics.

BOE Attorney's Response- By letter dated February 8, 2008, a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit “B,” Dr. Felton, through counsel, made demand on the Board for payment of the severance pay due under paragraph 8(f) of the contract in the following terms:

How I want to get paid. There are three outstanding
payments: the February, 2008 pay check, 30 days unused
annual leave, one years salary and benefits.

(1) The February 2008 Paycheck. This payment should be
made by direct deposit to Dr. Felton’s account (that account
into which his checks have been going each month) with all
normal, customary deductions being made and with a check
stub forwarded to him as is normal and customary.

(2) The 30-day annual leave. The payment of the 30 day
annual leave is customary. See, Thursday, May 17, 2007
ACB minutes “Reimbursement for Unused Annual Leave.”
See also, Thursday, July 19, 2007, ACB minutes “Payment of
Annual Leave.” Dr. Felton’s annual leave is to be paid with
only the required deductions withheld and deposited to his
account via direct deposit with a check stub forwarded to him.

(3) His one year salary and benefit should have no
deductions. He will assume responsibility for all taxes. His
salary and benefits include the $9,300.00 employer
contribution to PEEHIP, his retirement benefits including the
11.75% retirement match. His is also due his professional
organization dues and the ordinary and necessary expenses for
attending the professional meetings for the year. You have in
the Board’s records of this historic cost data. The total due
him for the one year salary and benefits without including the
professional dues and convention reimbursement or items (1)
and (2) above is $157,849.11. After establishing professional
dues and necessary expenses for attending professional
meetings for one year, add the amount to the $157,849.11.
This payment should be made by direct deposit with a check
stub forwarded to him.

Please see that these payments are made promptly

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