Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More from Valdosta

I toured more of the campus and spoke to students at Valdosta State University, who were an incredibly friendly and obliging bunch. Everyone was very helpful and had real insights into what was going on- rare when you do man-on-the-street type interviews. Jax-State University President Bill Meehan had his first public forum and I was glad to hear the depth of the questions the faculty asked. They obviously have a vested interest in who gets the job here.

No clue as to what his chances are- today was "dead day" where students were out of class and preparing for final exams. So there wasn't as much student representation as I think some were hoping.

Interesting side note; Dr. Meehan and his wife are staying right across the hall from me in the hotel here. I haven't knocked on the door to verify this, but suspect it will help me if I need to do some late night fact-checking. :)

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