Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ACT offers tips for high schoolers

ACT has sent along a couple of news releases over the past week trying to keep high school students and parents on their toes.

First, they offer advice for courses college-bound students should be taking. Generally, they advise that taking the most challenging classes available is the best way to prepare for college and the workplace. That means, four years of English, four years of math including one course beyond Algebra II, and three years each of science and social studies.

Also, ACT provides a checklist for assessing your progress.


  • Continue to take challenging courses
  • Keep track of scholarship and financial aid deadlines
  • Apply for the FAFSA online in January
Sophomores and Freshmen:
  • Meet with your adviser to discuss college
  • Start gathering information on schools that interest you
  • Emphasize the importance of challenging courses
  • Talk to high school staff to make sure you understand preparation needs
  • Look into financial aid and college funding, including at the U.S. Department of Education

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