Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Education budget and other stories

The Senate failed to pass the $6.3 billion budget over a disagreement about additional funding for colleges and universities. This will put most local school systems in a bind, because they'll have to pink-slip teachers that are non-tenured, and they will inevitably seek other work in Georgia, Mississippi and Florida.

So the question is not really, are you in trouble but, how much trouble are you in? For school system's already facing budgetary woes (Anniston springs to mind) this won't help them at all. Other schools like Oxford will absorb the shock but will still have to crunch the numbers and make it all work, the Oxford Superintendent of Education told me this morning.

Based on what I've read this morning, there's no clue when there will be a special session to work all of this out.

In other non-news stories, I got a nice tour of Oxford Elementary this morning where all of the classroom doors are open and the principal seems to know every child by name.

Donoho School had an event for their ArtShare program. Even though I can't get to the story, I'll be happy to post some pictures.

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